Piscifactorias Andaluzas, S.A. IN Loja


Piscifactorias Andaluzas, S.A.

Piscifactorias Andaluzas, S.A., was founded in 1969 and since then has been committed to the cultivation and production of trout, featuring three farms (two in the province of Granada and one in the province of Lerida) with an annual production of more than 3000 tonnes, making us the leaders in breeding trout.


The production of trout is constant throughout the year, by the exceptional characteristics of the waters of the supply, constant water temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees and PH 7.5, which make them unbeatable for the cultivation of salmonids, and especially the trout, being this fish very demanding in terms of the purity and quality of the waters in which it lives and develops.


Piscifactorias Andaluzas, S.A., has an own plant of elaborating and processing located in the facilities of the Piscifactoria Genazar, in that it receives the trout from the three farms and are processed and stored both fresh and frozen.


 Paraje de Plines, s/n carretera A 328 Km 23.5

18300, Loja, Granada, ES